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OPEC is one of very few technology providers to design and construct a commercial scale PFAS Wastewater Treatment Plant. The WTP, located at Army Aviation Centre Oakey in Queensland, Australia, is able to process up to 250,000 litres per day of PFAS contaminated water to below drinking water guidelines.

For more than 25 years OPEC Systems has been designing, supplying, installing and maintaining intelligent environmental engineering solutions for Australian industry and government. Since 2015 OPEC scientists have been pioneering a range of high efficiency systems for extracting Per- and Poly Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) from contaminated soil and water sources.

PFAS refers to a group of compounds used in a range of industrial applications including fire-fighting activities at fire training grounds and airports using Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). Many of these compounds are not amenable to environmental degradation and a growing body of research suggests they pose significant, long-term threats to human and environmental health.

At the core of OPEC’s PFAS treatment capabilities is OPEC’s patented foam fractionation technology which relies on the natural physio-chemistry of target PFAS compounds to collect on the bubble interface and collect at the surface as a harvestable foam. OPEC has developed a number of unique applications for the foam fractionation technology to allow it to be utilised to remove PFAS compounds from soil and water in both in-situ and ex-situ applications.

Ex-Situ Treatment: Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF)

In-Situ Treatment: Downhole Foam Fractionation (DFF)

Soil Treatment: Foam Fractionation Assisted Soil Treatment (FFAST)

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